A Better Way to RTK - Mobile Reference Station
Sokkia's new Mobile Reference Station was designed to address one of the last emerging needs of GNSS users –
instantaneous and adaptable RTK infrastructure coverage. Combine the
GSR2700 RSX GNSS Reference Station with one or
more GSR2700 ISX receivers, and you can leverage the on-the-fly, adaptable RTK coverage of Mobile Reference Station.
This scalable, intuitive solution ensures that as a company or institution grows and project areas expand, it is easy to
customize RTK coverage with minimal investment costs. Easily installed and even easier to use, Mobile Reference Station
doesn't waste any time to work as hard as you do.

Key Features

  • Start at the push of a button for over 5000 km2 of RTK correction coverage
  • Setup anywhere – no electrical hookup or internet connection required
  • Serves real data to end users, rather than “virtual data”
  • No data link range limitation
  • No large capital outlay. No subscription costs
  • Works with an unlimited number of GNSS rovers
  • Supports all SOKKIA receivers and receivers from other manufacturers
The new GSR2700 ISX features a fully integrated, triple-frequency, high-performance
receiver with GPS plus Russian-based GLONASS satellite tracking capability. The receiver
offers seventy-two universal channels for increased satellite coverage and improved
performance on the job.

The GSR2700 ISX also features numerous additional enhancements, including improved RTK
performance, seamless Virtual Reference Station support, multiple Bluetooth® connection
options and support for GPS L2C and L5 signals. The system is completely cable free and
extremely easy to set up and operate in base and rover modes. The receiver is also the only
one of its kind to offer audible status notification in the field, now available in multiple languages
and generic.

Equipped with rugged magnesium alloy housing, the GSR2700 ISX provides complete protection
against dust ingress and is water immersible up to 1.0 m (3.3 ft.).
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