The Sokkia DT Construction Series
is designed with the job site in mind. Sokkia's
new algorithm in operating absolute encoders
allows you to work longer with low power
consumption and faster with easy-to-use
control panels.
CST/Berger DGT10 - 5 sec Digital Theodolite

5-second digital theodolite totally re-designed for 2002, with a number
of features you have come to expect from CST/berger.

  • State of the art glass encoder
  • 5-second horizontal and vertical readout.
  • Precision dual LCD panels with large, easy-to-read numbers
  • Vertical Tilt Sensor monitors the tilt angle in x-axis
  • Vertical angle measuring; provides three different options plus
    percentage of grade
  • Auto Power-Off Option: if unit is not moved it will shut off in- 20
    minutes, 30 minutes or infinity.
  • Optical plummet
  • Zero resetting
  • Water resistant, sealed construction
  • Removable tribrach for multiple set-ups
  • Built-in battery pack can be attached and deteched by a single
  • One year warranty
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