Plumb Lasers
Pacific Laser System PLS3 Tool

No more plumb bobs swaying in the wind,
the PLS3 laser tool provides the
contractor true point-to-point self-leveling
plumb and level reference. Three bright
reference points in a compact, durable
and portable laser tool. Self-leveling within
6 degrees with a safety shut off feature to
assure calibration.
Pacific Laser System PLS5 Tool

The PLS5 Tool provides a true
point-to-point, self-leveling plumb, level and
square laser alignment system. Commercial
and residential builders will save layout time
and increase production on every job site
with layout, installation, and quality control
achieved quickly and with more accuracy
than ever before.
CST/Berger LaserMark MP5 Five
Beam Self-Leveling Laser

Plumb, level, and square instantly. And with
no bubbles to level, just turn it on and go to
work. ON/OFF switch locks the lasers in
place when not in use. MP5's unique
self-leveling and dampening system is the
quickest to settle the beam, reducing set up
CST/Berger LaserMark MP3
Three Beam Self-Leveling Laser

Creates an Accurate, Highly Visible Plumb
Reference Instantly! Unique magnetically
dampened self-leveling system settles
plumb bob up to 20 times faster than
conventional methods. One button -
transfer point from floor to ceiling. Also
projects 90º reference point .
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