Machine Control Laser
BULLSEYE® Machine Control Laser Receivers

  • Full featured 360°
  • New green on-grade
  • 3 selectable

  • Blade Tilt indication built in
  • Plumb indication built in
  • Grading and excavating

  • ACE- Angle Compensation
    for Excavators
  • Plumb indication built in
  • Grading and excavating
Automatic Blade Control

  • True proportional control
  • Additional productivity and
All BULLSEYE receivers feature:

Versatility - Works with all rotating lasers.

360 Degree Reception - Use on all types of machinery, quick no hassle laser set-up.

Multiple Accuracy Choices - Match to your jobsite requirements, rough grading to final finishing.

Ultra-Bright LED with Green On-Grade - Easy to see in all light conditions.

Brightness Control - Select to match light conditions.

Out of Laser Beam Indication - Directs which way to move to get back in the beam. Selectable on or off..

Self-Contained - Standard alkaline batteries (except the 5 MC) allow quick mounting and ease of moving from machine
to machine.

Long Battery Life - Keep your machine working.
Automatic Shut-off - Conserves battery life when the receiver is not in use.

Power Options - Optional Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries or a power cord that connects directly to
machine power.

Heavy-Duty Clamps - Stainless steel no-slip clamps grip tightly to poles up to 2" diameter.

Low Battery Warning - Advance notice of when replacement is required, no surprises.

Waterproof - Designed to withstand all weather conditions.

Rugged - Durable polycarbonate and aluminum die cast housings stand up to tough construction environments.
Internal isolating shock mounts protect the electronics.

Accessories - magnetic mount for quick secure installation with no welding, remote display for viewing grade
information in the cab.

Carrying Case - Slim design, protects the receivers during transport and holds accessories, spare batteries, and

2-Year Warranty - Reliability you can count on.
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