GRX1 GNSS Receiver
The new GRX1 GNSS receiver has an integrated antenna, digital UHF radio,
GSM module, Bluetooth module, and detachable battery in a compact, rugged,
magnesium-alloy body. Its fully upgradeable features “low users to start with an
entry model for L1 GPS that can be upgraded to L1 GPS+GLONASS, to L1/L2 GPS,
up to 72-channel L1/L2 GPS+GLONASS receiver.

The new SHC250 data collector incorporates the latest Windows Mobile 6.5 OS,
built-in Bluetooth modem, and the new Spectrum Survey Field software “that fully
controls the GRX1 receiver with unsurpassed ease and speed.

This new GNSS system provides unmatched versatility and usability in RTK, network
RTK and static applications that require millimeter or centimeter positioning accuracy.

The GRX1 GNSS receiver features:

Fully upgradeable, dual-frequency, 72-channel GPS+GLONASS receiver;
Triple wireless technologies — digital UHF radio (Rx/Tx), GSM/GPRS modem, and Bluetooth module are available as integrated
options. This allows an array of data communication choices for RTK correction, both at a base station and at a rover;
Voice messages notify the users when RTK is fixed or lost, along with other notifications, eliminating a need for repeated visual checks
of the controller display; and
Advanced data storage capability via SD and SDHC memory cards.
The SHC250 data collector features:

Windows Mobile 6.5 OS;
806MHz XScale processor;
256MB SDRAM / 1GB Flash memory;
3.7 inch VGA touch-screen display;
Built-in Bluetooth wireless module;
IP66 dust- and water-protection; and
SD/SDHC card slot / CF card slot.

The new controller software, Spectrum Survey Field, and the comprehensive GNSS software, Spectrum Survey Office, will also support
existing Sokkia GPS receivers.
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