The Sokkia GIR1450 is an ideal solution for mining,
navigational, agricultural and hydrographic applications. Its
innovative design offers unprecedented usability. The
GIR1450 offers consistent sub-meter positioning and can
handle the toughest environments.

The GIR1450 features a high-performance, 12 channel L1
DGPS receiver offering beacon, OmniSTAR, WAAS/EGNOS
and other SBAS technologies for reliable differential

Optional Bluetooth adaptor available.
The Sokkia GIR1600 is a versatile, compact sub-meter accuracy
DGPS receiver. Its innovative design offers unprecedented usability.
The industry’s lightest (100g, 13.5oz) and revolutionary detachable
antenna allows you to comfortably take measurements wearing the
trekking set and enjoy the benefit of unrestricted hand movement with
the first “wearable” GPS. The GIR1600 can also be used for mobile
mapping and pole mounted surveys, giving you the freedom to choose
the best method for the job.

The GIR1600 features a single 12 channel integrated receiver for GPS
and SBAS (EGNOS, MSAS, and WAAS) correction information realizing
real-time sub-meter DGPS for use in a wide range of GIS applications.

Integrated Bluetooth  wireless technology allows you to enjoy a cable-
free connection to with your PDA, digital camera and other Bluetooth-
enabled devices. Five bright LEDs allow you to see signal status at a
Sokkia’s dual-frequency GSR2650 LB is capable of
utilizing OmniSTAR HP, OmniSTAR VBS and WAAS corrections to
achieve decimeter-level results as a stand-alone DGPS system. Or use
it as a part of a real-time kinematic (RTK) system to achieve centimeter-
lever results. The versatility of the GSR2650 LB lets you switch from
GIS and Mapping applications to high-accuracy surveying within one
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