Solid Color Roll Flagging

Colorful and highly visible, Solid Color Roll Flagging is the most durable,
longest-lasting outdoor flagging available anywhere thanks to proprietary
formulations and annealing. Added plasticizer packages yield maximum
physical properties including tensile strength. (That means you get stronger
product for the same price.)  Roll Flagging is the most asked for flagging by
industry professionals in surveying, construction, forestry, mining, geophysics,
hardware and oil exploration.

• Non-Toxic
• Non-flammable
Taffeta Roll Flagging
Standard White
Standard Red
Standard Blue
Standard Purple
Aerial Paneling  

For aerial mapping and surveying jobs, Aerial Paneling can be easily
placed along a predetermined perimeter of an area to be
photographed. These reusable, 4 Mil PVC panels save time and labor
costs in your aerial project.
Aerial Paneling Sizes:
12" x 300' or 24" x 300'

Material Thickness
4 Mil  

Minimum Order  
1 roll  
Aerial Targets  

Aerial Targets can be secured at a predetermined point of reference
to mark a target position for a fly-over. These stitched, 4 Mil PVC
targets are manufactured with reinforced grommets in each corner,
used to secure the
marker to the ground. Two patterns are available to meet your
project needs — the Bulls-Eye and the Iron Cross.
Aerial Targets  Size:
48" x 48"

Material Thickness
4 Mil  

Minimum Order  
1 target  
Patterned Roll Flagging

For maximum distinctiveness, Patterned Roll flagging comes in Striped,
Polka Dot and Checkerboard. Printed on Matte grade material, this roll
flagging endures temperatures at or below -20°F. These resilient
patterns add a wide assortment of choices for your non-verbal
communication needs.  
Material Thickness  
Matte Grade   

Roll Widths  
1 3/16"  
Custom widths available upon request.  

Roll Lengths   
Standard color material - 300'  
Glo color material - 150'  

Minimum Order   
1 carton (12 rolls)
Standard Barricade Tape

Manufactured for durability and resistance to the elements, Barricade
Tape is recognized worldwide as the preferred co-extruded
polyethylene tape for marking danger areas and special instructions.
Among its many satisfied customers are professionals in the fields of
law enforcement, safety, construction, painting, mining, hardware and

• Economical, disposable marking solution
• Variety of Mil thicknesses available for different project needs
Material Thickness   
3 Mil  

Roll Width  

Roll Lengths   
200', 300' and 1,000'
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