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The Allegro Field PC® is the
ideal all-weather mobile
computing tool for a variety of
surveying applications. It offers
a 400 MHz Intel® XScale™
processor for superior
performance, ergonomic design
and efficient keyboard layout,
field-friendly design, multiple
connection options and fast file
transfer and synchronization.
Convenient display and touch
screen provide excellent visibility
in the field.
Allegro CX
Carlson Explorer 600+
This high-speed data
collector features increased
memory capabilities, powerful
software and comes standard
with WiFi and Bluetooth
wireless technology. The
Carlson Explorer 600+ is
powered with Carlson
SurvCE and it is available in
Both the all new Carlson Surveyor+
and Carlson Surveyor are completely
ruggedized, with an IP67 water and
dust resistant Ingress rating. Both
versions of the handheld computer
are encased in magnesium housing.
In essence, they come in a "full metal
jacket" so that they can withstand
every day accidents, abuse, as well as
the unexpected. In addition to more
RAM and increased operating speed
than the Surveyor, the Surveyor+ has
the option to add an extra battery to
increase operating time.